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  1. jQuery Change current URL to switch language: From /ch/ to /en/ and vice versa

    Hi I have text links on top-right of every html page that switch to another language of the current page. How do I use javascript or jquery to switch languages without editing every page?
  2. MooTools Mootool Conditional if else function parameter.

    Hello All:

    I am using mootool zebra table with two sets of script inside one js file. How do i call the function using if conditions. Both functions cannot be run at the same time.

    If table...
  3. wrap tr with

    found a solution: using <tbody> to wrap the tr that i want to merge.

    then modify one line of the script:

    $$('table.' + table_class + ' tbody').each(function(el,i) {
  4. [RESOLVED] Mootool Zebra Table Not working on Merged Rows/Cell

    Hi I am using David Walsh's Zebra table. http://davidwalsh.name/mootools-zebra-tables-plugin
    This works fine on single rows, but my table contains merged rows and cells. Can this script be modified...
  5. Replies

    Form Validation not working. Pls help.


    I have a form input field that need to be validated with at least 5 character and must contain one letter and 1 number. But it is not working. Below is my code. Please help. Thank you.

  6. Thank you

    Thank you very much. Your script has been tested working in FF but like you said IE8 does not support this. Is there any other way go about this so at least major browser can support it?

    Will page...
  7. Help. How to replace link URL after page load.

    Hi I have the following code to replace a link inside my webpage. The javascript is placed inside the <head> and cannot be moved so the script is executed before the document contents load so the...
  8. Fixed

    Fixed! A easy fix.

    it turned out i only need to

    replace if (fld.value == "") {

    with if (fld.value.length < 5) {
  9. conflict

    sorry when i paste the js code on top of the existing javascript, it didnt work. I only showed you the zip code in my original post but the full form is actually more than that. There are other...
  10. Thanks for your answers. Sorry can you be more...

    Thanks for your answers. Sorry can you be more clear. I am a JS beginner.

    So the final code will look like this?

    var fname = "CustomFields_17_2";
    var fld =...
  11. Sorry. This form is for US users only. So they...

    Sorry. This form is for US users only. So they must enter at least 5 digits. Client insists on it.
  12. [RESOLVED] Javascript Check/Verify Form Min Length Character Entered for Zip Code?

    The following Javascript will return an error message if the user did not enter any value into the zip code field. The form will submit even if user entered only 1 character. Does anyone know how to...
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