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    Delete Record When No Foreign Keys Exist

    I'm looking for what you could probably call "cascading upwards". If I delete all records with a particular foreign key from one table, I want the corresponding record in the parent table to also be...
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    trouble assigning events, scope problems

    If javascript is enabled on the clients browser, I want be able to replace certain select lists with javascript-operated text dropdown boxes instead. The select list itself is then set to display:...
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    Regular expression for filenames

    I'm building a regular expression for file names. How do I make these two regular expressions into one?

    The first expression removes all dots except for the last one which is for the file...
  4. mime-type is part of the header isn't it? It...

    mime-type is part of the header isn't it?

    It doesn't seem to matter anyway, now that I've played around with things a bit more.

    Basically if you take any image file: gif, png or jpg & you...
  5. determine image-type WITHOUT reading header information

    Is there a way to determine the file type by directly scanning the file itself, rather than reading it from the header? I know it seems like overkill...but I don't want someone to be able to edit the...
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    I know EXIF data has been used to compromise...

    I know EXIF data has been used to compromise anonymity

    BTW ImageMagick works great anyway...you can clear EXIF data and resize images to get rid of malicious code..so that seems to be the way to go
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    sanitize images before upload

    I want to scrub images of all meta-data as well as any malicious code before allowing them to be uploaded.

    Can ImageMagick do it? Will resizing the image to 99% of original size do it?
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    Getting started with graphics software

    I want to learn how to draw. What's a good graphics program to start with? I'm using Windows, but if you know any that are made for both Windows and Ubuntu that would also be good. Something that...
  9. hypothetical question on templates & modules

    This question isn't CMS-specific. I'm developing my own CMS.

    I'm wondering if there is a situation in which a change in the template might make it necessary to exclude modules that are visible on...
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    okay, thx

    okay, thx
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    [RESOLVED] Color Science

    I'm not really sure what to call this, so I call it "color science". But what exactly do you call the science/art of choosing which colors to use in combination on a web page? If I use a javascript...
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    [RESOLVED] looping through attributes

    How do I loop through all possible attributes of a textbox, including the null ones? I read that Internet Explorer does this automatically but how do I make this work in other browsers?
  13. Finally worked out a solution. I added a bit of...

    Finally worked out a solution. I added a bit of javascript to the onscroll event of the navigation pane. I subtracted the scrollHeight of the navigation pane from the offsetTop position of the link...
  14. [RESOLVED] getting the z-index to work properly

    I'm trying to achieve the same tooltip effect that you see in Windows Explorer, where if you drag the left navigation pane so that it's too narrow for the contents, a tooltip will appear over an item...
  15. Found a solution afterwords. First, it turned...

    Found a solution afterwords.

    First, it turned out that I was NOT using absolute positioning but fixed positioning. So I changed it to absolute. Secondly I was using the event.clientY property of...
  16. [RESOLVED] getting a context menu to scroll with the page

    I've created a table and coded the oncontextmenu event of the <tr> elements to return false. I've coded the onmouseup events of same to display an absolutely positioned div with z-index of 1 as a...
  17. I found a solution afterwords combining...

    I found a solution afterwords combining javascript and css.

    I used the following code the the window.onresize event :

    window.onresize = function(event) {
    var rightPaneDivs =...
  18. No, it does exactly the same thing with inline...

    No, it does exactly the same thing with inline block.
  19. [RESOLVED] getting my display: block; float: left links to wrap properly

    I am developing a PHP application for building and managing taxonomies. It has the general look of Windows Explorer (a tree on the left and a content pane on the right). The content pane will display...
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    prevent text from being selected

    I retrieve a list of links from a database using ajax, then I assign them to the innerHTML property of a div whose display property is set to "none" Then I set the display property to "display" to...
  21. retrieving data into a two-dimensional array

    I want to retrieve my data into a two-dimensional array that I can navigate through with a foreach loop, and be able to add new fields to the array afterwords.

    For example

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    Using divs instead of table cells

    I'm trying to create a page with a left sidebar that widens as needed, and a right content pane that expands to take up whatever space remains, and I'm trying to do it with two floating divs instead...
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    Google Calendar Events Feed

    I'm looking for a way to display a list of events from my google calendar as a simple vertical list on my website. I've tried inserting the xml feed URL into feedburner but it fails to recognize the...
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    mysql_select_db not working

    I have a page, index.php, that includes a function.php file at the beginning which contains the following two functions

    function g_db_connect($server = DB_SERVER, $username =...
  25. problem with relative positioning and table cell height

    See screenshot attached.

    I want to set up a table so that error messages appear directly above specific table columns in the form of a div tag with a red background and the same width as the...
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