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  1. UPDATE: Mods, please close/lock this thread. I...

    UPDATE: Mods, please close/lock this thread. I have already figured out a solution and rewrote my code.
  2. Looping through an array and displaying the content

    I'm doing an exercise where I have to write a program that creates an array of movie objects, then display that information on a webpage. I need to loop through all the movies in the array and all...
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    Returning array values via method

    I'm working on an assignment and I need to write a script per the instructions below. The problem is I'm not really sure how to properly write a method that loops through the array and returns its...
  4. Writing a JavaScript program for the Pythagorean theorem

    Hi all, I'm a beginner working on a script for the Pythagorean theorem using JavaScript. This assignment requires me to create a functional code that when the button "Compute C!" is clicked, it will...
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    Alright, I just got my answer from some friends...

    Alright, I just got my answer from some friends so I think I understand now. It turns out that there is no output in this particular case as it is a hypothetical situation in which this script is...
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    Thanks for the reply. While I do understand that...

    Thanks for the reply. While I do understand that it's supposed to generate variable increments of a rectangle with an integer counter, I'm more so wondering if there's a way to see it in action...
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    Need JS help! (Newbie here)

    Hi guys, I just started learning JavaScript not too long ago. I'm a newbie taking an online class, but I'm stuck on a question for an assignment. If anyone could give me some tips or pointers (not...
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