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    Yes, the second one works. The first command used...

    Yes, the second one works. The first command used to work until I messed with the time settings(I did not modify the command).
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    Cron Job question

    Hi, I want to set a cron job so that a file is executed every Saturday at 11 am.

    This is what I did, but it doesn't work.

  3. How can I know when a session expires

    I'm working on an online shop and I do not want the clients to use usernames (so the site is more user-friendly). I'm using SESSION variables and a database to store what the customer buys.
  4. Several domains pointing to the exact same site

    Hi, I have 4 domains and I want them to point to the same site.
    I can do a php redirect but I want the original url to remain in the address bar.
    I could also try using frames but there might be...
  5. Problem solved

    There was a <br clear="all"> at the end of the content that disappeared. I removed it and now it works fine.
  6. No one knows what the problem is? :(

    No one knows what the problem is? :(
  7. IE7 makes content disappear when scrooling down

    This is the page, be aware that it has Firebug Lite installed on it, I left it there because when Firebug Lite is on the page the bug is much more obvious, the bug appears even if Firebug Lite is not...
  8. How to make webdevelopment more efficient?

    Hi! I'm relatively new to web development, I've been doing web sites at a branding firm for about 4 months now, it's a very small firm.
    The way we do things is: the designer makes the site in...
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    Thanks for replying. I tried what you said but I...

    Thanks for replying. I tried what you said but I get and error:

    Warning: include() [function.include]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in C:\wamp\www\file.php on line 5
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    Open url that contains GET variables

    Hi, I'm trying to include the output of a php script in my page, the output differs depending on what get variables I give.

    I tried this, but I get an error ("failed to open stream").

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