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  1. Hey, Major Payne. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do...

    Hey, Major Payne. Thanks for the reply. Yes I do get how pagination works. I understand the coding behind it. With a use of a loop I can get to divide the content into different pages, and create...
  2. How do I make use of pagination psd file?

    I am trying to add navigation by means of pagination. So I downloaded a .psd file pagination template. I know how to code it to work, but how am I supposed to use this template? Should I edit all the...
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    How do I create an HTML table in PHP

    I have 5 pictures stored in a folder and their links stored on the database.
    I want to put them in a table of three columns on each row.

    <table border='1'>
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    Can I put a CSS within a CSS?

    I am working on a site and I'm curios on the functionality of cascade style sheets. I have an image and I want other elements to appear on it when the user hovers.
    e.g. A plain image, when user...
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    Coding boxes in html

    Hello. I seem to have gotten myself into a messy situation. I am developing a website. Making use of HTML, PHP and CSS. I'm not much of a web guru, so please bare with me.

    Now I am trying to work...
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