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  1. Need Help - Open Directory From Another Computer or Server in one LAN

    need help about open a directory located in external computer but still in one LAN using PHP.
    i need to open the directory and list all the content

    Many thanks for the answer
  2. yup ... it is ...

    yup ... it is ...
  3. PHP Version 5.2.9, Windows 7 and Connect to SQL SERVER 2000 on remote server

    Dear All,
    i'm using Windows 7, PHP Version 5.2.9 and MSSQL 2005 in my local PC at office

    my remote server use windows 2003 server dan MSSQL 2000, lets call it SPEED

    i found this while i'm...
  4. could php check wether a document printed successfully

    To All PHP mania,
    could PHP check that a printer print a document successfully or fail ? so that i could disable a printing button if a document was successfully printed.

    please help ... :)
  5. Calculate number of weeks in a specified month

    i create one program that contain three combo box. 1.cmbyear 2.cmbmonth 3.cmbweek

    i select year and month. then automatically calculate number of weeks in a specified month for the year.

  6. PHP, Apache 2.2, MS SQL SERVER 2005 AND WINDOWS 7

    Dear All,
    I use Windows 7 as my Operating System, PHP 5, Apache 2.2 and SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS. I tried everything to connect to SQL SERVER but always fail, i already delete the semi colon for...
  7. Please Help - Need to Convert Unknown String Type become Arabic Type

    I have a problem to convert a string below :

  8. Please Help - Load tinyMCE Editor use AJAX

    AJAX :

    var loadedobjects=""
    var rootdomain="http://"+window.location.hostname

    function ajaxpage(url, containerid){
    var page_request = false
    if (window.XMLHttpRequest) // if Mozilla, Safari...
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    Time Problem

    Dear Developer,
    I have a problem with time in PHP, the clock in my computer shows 09:00 then i try to print time using PHP
    <? echo date('d M Y H:i') ?> and the result was 10:00, the difference is...
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    Copy File using FTP

    Dear Developer,
    i tried this code below :


    $conn_id = ftp_connect($ftp_server,8021);
  11. Copy files from local folder to server

    Dear Developers,
    is that possible to copy a file from local computer to a server using PHP. i mean without using the upload function ?
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    Hide URL parameter

    how to hide URL parameter ?
    i have an address like http://localhost/project/index.php?mode=1&id=2 i want to hide those parameters so it will be like http://localhost/project/index.php
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    Need FLV Player

    anyone can tell me where i can get good FLV player that work fine in many browser

  14. where i can find it

    where i can find it
  15. Please Help Me ... Mysql Connect Error

    hi, im newbie with mysql, what should i do with this error :
    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Host 'mis-arius.datascrip.co.id' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server in...
  16. Create a Stylish Select/List Menu using CSS

    I'm so sorry if my question just a simple one to solve but i really curious about this problem. i used to use css like
    font-family:"Trebuchet MS";
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    PHP save as type finder

    Could php found that an excel file save as type a workbook or save as a web page. or could PHP find out the file save as type ?
  18. Create an Excel File as a workbook type not a Web Page type

    Dear developers,
    i want to ask about creating an excel file as workbook type using PHP. as we know that PHP is able to generate an excel file using script like :
    $file =...
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    because i want only the data that i can scroll...

    because i want only the data that i can scroll down and the table's header stay still, i always did that and work fine using IE but not FF
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    Help Me With this HTML Code

    I have this HTML script, when you try to execute using IE there will be no problem, they look just fine, but when you execute it using FF there will be a mesh ... please tell me how to fix it and the...
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    PHP and MSSQL SERVER 2000

    Dear Developer,
    Honestly I'm a newbie in this. I have a problem around a sql query, I have a form that I built using PHP and connect to MSSQL server 2000. this form that I made is contain many...
  22. How to Find Next Day, Week, Month, Year from n Date

    Lets say i have a variable $theDate = '2008-02-01', from that data i want to know the next 6 days, the next 6 weeks, the next 6 months, and the next 2 years.

    Could you guys tell me how ???
  23. Print Frame Contents from Other Frame

    I'm newby in HTML, let say i have 2 frames, top and bottom type. in the main frame showing a page that i want to print using a button that lies in the bottom frame.

    can i do it ? how ?
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    Regular Expression

    Please help ...

    I need to match a character with default type is yyyy-mm-dd, like 2008-01-21, if not match will return alert, i am a newbie in javascript. Please help ...

    Thank you ...
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    I dont really understand what you mean, could you...

    I dont really understand what you mean, could you be more spesific
    Thank You
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