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  1. why use functions.php instead of template file to call stylesheet

    Apologies if this is not the right place for this thread.

    I have created multiple custom templates, and use custom stylesheets for the majority of templates, as they take on a whole new look.
  2. @deathshadow I know my coding needs work in...


    I know my coding needs work in all languages (which is why I hire people for most projects, this is just one I am doing for myself) So yes, you were definitely being honest.

  3. @deathshawdow Thanks for the help, no need to...


    Thanks for the help, no need to be rude...a forum is where people come to ask questions. If you don't like it...go.

    And what do you recommend using to open a new window then??? ...
  4. [RESOLVED] added images to header, now most of page is clickable

    I entered the following:
    add_action ('genesis_header', 'social_header');
    function social_header() {
    echo '<div class="socialicons">

    <div id="googleplus">
    <a href="https://plus.google.com/"...
  5. thank you for your answer! Yes it will be just...

    thank you for your answer!

    Yes it will be just the current session so using php sessions that is great, thanks.

    I have never used an MVC approach before, I quickly looked it up, and is there a...
  6. How to build site that takes info and relays it back with proper inputs


    I am trying to find out the best way to do the following.

    The website with have some content and then an input field. The information the visitor inputs into the field will then be used...
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