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    Flexslider inside FancyBox issue

    Trying to load a thumbnail Flexslider inside Fancybox. I have everything working for most part, but I have two issues.

    Thumbnail images disappear every two times a Fancybox is opened
  2. I tried the following as you suggested and no...

    I tried the following as you suggested and no luck:

    $(function () {
    $("[name=toggler]").click(function () {
  3. Two forms on each page each have captcha that's interferring with one another

    I have two forms on the same page, one for US and one for International customers. Each button prompts the selected form accordingly.

    I'm pretty sure the two forms are conflicting with one...
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    Keep size of div area on toggle

    I have the following code. Functionally, it's working great, but when you toggle between button 1 and button 2 and the div slides into position, the size of the div collapses. I'd like to make it so...
  5. Text box to appear only when radio button selected

    I am currently running the Javascript code below to show a text box if the "PayPal" radio button is checked. It's working fine, but I only want the text box to appear if "PayPal" is checked. ...
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    Hide text box on page load

    I'm using the following Javascript and HTML code to hide/display a text box based on the selection of a radio button. By default, the textbox appears on page load and even after the form is...
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