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  1. jQuery Solved

    I figured it out. It was a CSS issue with the style attached to the script, never to do with the script itself. As is often the case, the solution was to not overthink it.
  2. jQuery Jquery/raw Javascript compatibility issue

    I am a php developer and relatively new to javascript. But I am doing both front and backend for a project and having an issue with a jquery slider which, when inserted, is breaking 2 other js...
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    jQuery Twitter Public Timeline JSON Issue

    I've been tasked with making a twitter public timeline feed and I've been having some issues with the scripts I've been using. For a moment, I thought maybe my jquery was not invoking from within my...
  4. Actually, this was VERY helpful ... the MySQL...

    Actually, this was VERY helpful ... the MySQL will be a gradual transition. I will still need to figure out how to work with XML.

    Haven't even had time to revisit this script for a few days ......
  5. Thx for the reply. After going over things with...

    Thx for the reply. After going over things with the client, looks like he may be inclined to go with MySQL after all ... lol. But I will take a look at your info. :)
  6. Using XML as a datasource ... getAttribute function etc ...

    Haven't posted in a while but ran into this odd challenge and wondering if someone here has any insight. ...

    Working in an environment where there is no client/server configuration so attempting...
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    Flashvars Playlist Shuffle Issue

    Hey Guys ... I've got an issue on my hands. I've taken over administering a site run by cPanel on the back end and with a CMS I'm not very familiar with. The issue is I'm told by the owner that they...
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    Update nullifies current search

    project manager *** newbie PHP coder here ... and I've got an issue with an existing site I'm doing some fixes and tweaks to ...

    A page holds rows of 6 images each - 20 rows per page often with...
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