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  1. Thanks

    Put that in there and it works fine, shows my the values of the array that is selected. Thanks, guess I need to Google the window object, any advice for a starting point?
  2. [RESOLVED] Get value chosen from select, display the value of the array with that same name.

    I am working on a little project here. I have two arrays (States, Cities) I am trying to allow the user to chose one from a select form (Choice) and then have the values of the chosen array displayed...
  3. Solution

    Thanks for the help but I have solved the problem on my own.

    Remember the use of alert msg boxes showed that we were looping through our data fine and we seemed to actually be creating the right...
  4. [RESOLVED] Adding data from PHP+MySQL to dynamically created array

    I am running through a MySQL database using PHP and extracting all of the makes of cars in that database and trying to create a JavaScript array named after each make. Then I am trying to fill each...
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