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  1. I extended the delay. Can you see it now? My...

    I extended the delay. Can you see it now?
    My purpose is to overlay current image with second image arriving from corner but I dont know how to do it :(
  2. How can I add second image layer with animation?

    hello everyone,

    I have one image with animation which appears when the page is refreshed, I'm trying to add second image which will overlay my first image with animation too.

    Anyone has an...
  3. Cant enable checkout without a PayPal account???


    I need your help if possible.
    I have added ecommerce on the website and on the checkout the payment pass through PayPal.

    Client has Business account and she changed in her account...
  4. Replies

    How to enter US tax rates in webshop?

    hello everyone,

    how do you add US tax rates in you ecommerce? By states, by city, all zipcodes? How to configure all this without slowing down your cart?
  5. Some permalinks are broken after migration. I'm desperate.

    hello everybody,

    I dont know what happened but after site migration from one domain to another, part of my permalinks in one section (Events) stopped working!

    When I...
  6. I want a mentor too!

    I want a mentor too!
  7. Opinion about independant record label website

    Hello everybody,

    I welcome your opinions, critics, suggestions about indie record label website. Anything: typography, logo, images, content.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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