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  1. AJAX Well, my friend, I'm a newbie in webdevelopping...

    Well, my friend, I'm a newbie in webdevelopping and don't speak english very well, too.

    But lets try.
    See my PHP code (in blue) in the bottn of this message....

    The only difference from your...
  2. AJAX Tanks.

    Well, Andy.

    As I told, I'm a newbie. (and don't speak english very well - forgive me some writing erros).

    Thank you very much. But I'm not making it work.

    I'd like to use the POST method,...
  3. AJAX Need pass JS vars to PHP without using w/ AJAX POST method.


    I'm a newbie in web aplications development and I've been studing in the W3Schools tutorials ( and other places in web ).

    I'm using HTML with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL in a Xampp Lite...
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    Great Idea.

    Thank You very much, Kor.

    You gave me a great Idea.

    That is the solution... I'm a newbie and tought that ervery browser had to folow it as a rule.

    No more time spended with this problem.
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