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  1. need to explain this to freelancer but don't know how

    I am building a site where a user will be displayed in a marketplace, if they pay a monthly fee they will be able to choose to be in more categories and be first in the search results, when they stop...
  2. what can i do to make the email input echo, why won't this work

    what can i do to make the email input echo, why won't this work


    <?php require_once('includes/html/header.php');?>
    <div class="signup_strip">

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    How to keep my text in the header

    I have a image and text in the header. When i shrink the page the image stays in the header but the text moves out, i want it all to stay in the header without moving. it was a hassle getting the...
  4. how to have on mouse hover have login box drop down

    i am building a website and i want the login box drop down when someone hovers over the word login and if the mouse goes past it the box will disappear again. Im not sure how to do this and have the...
  5. How to allow users to tweet from my twitter account through my website.

    I Want to allow my friends (that i know in real life) to be able to simply write a tweet in a box and click tweet and it will tweet it from my twitter account.

    - I know you have to have the right...
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