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  1. not using cron jobs

    I've changed the user for batcall.php and startapp.sh files as root and permission is 777.

    my php code
    shell_exec('chown ruby:ruby /components/dream/batcall.php...
  2. getting error

    I've tried the above by changing the user and set full permissions to the user, still i'm getting a blank screen for opening the firefox and for opening gvim in linux the following error i'm getting...
  3. not working in browser when try to open an application like firefox ,gvim etc.,

    In my previous comment i've mentioned that the shell script not executing in the browser via php. But when i'm trying to echo , its working . But when i try to open an application eg. firefox,gvim...
  4. not working in browser

    I've tried the shell script code which mentioned in the above , I'm able to run the code in the command line . But in the browser its not displaying anything.Please tell me what may be the problem in...
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