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    Simple CSS Generator (replace script)

    Problem: I have a very long css file that I need to change the colors on. (often) It is too much of a pain in the butt to do a search and replace, too confusing and too many different colors to keep...
  2. That's it, thanks much...

    That's it, thanks much...
  3. Change display from Form box to page display.

    I am trying to change this scripts output. I don't want it to display the results in text boxes. Instead I want the results to be simply displayed onto the page using document.write... Can anybody...
  4. Thanks...

    You nailed it right on the $, I added it to the script and it works great...

    Thanks again...
  5. Does anybody know how to get this Script to display in the title bar?

    I would like it to display in the title bar but I cant figure out how to do it..


    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
  6. How do I get this Script to work in the title bar?

    I would like it to display in the title bar but I cant figure out how to do it..I have already tried document.title but I dont think I am doing it right.


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    Help on this no longer needed... I was able to...

    Help on this no longer needed... I was able to figure it out
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    Help on this no longer needed

    I was able to figure it out
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    JS Problem with a popup window...

    Can someone help me with this code... I am trying to use the following JS to popup a window in the upper left corner of the screen and be 300 high by 600 wide and have scrollbars... Does anyone know...
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    //Popup windows with JS

    I have a script that pop-ups a new window but I need to change it so it popups the new window with scrollbars, and is resizible, and makes it 300 high and 600 wide and puts it in the 0,0, position...
  11. Ultimater, THANX MUCH, it is not exactly but it...

    Ultimater, THANX MUCH, it is not exactly but it gets the job done and that is what I needed. I will take some time to see if I can tweak the script a little. If not I can use it like it is and it...
  12. Let me try to clarify... I want to visit a...

    Let me try to clarify... I want to visit a website that has aspx pages with numbers at the end...There are quite a few pages I want to visit and there are no links to them. The pages all have numbers...
  13. I am kind of lost on this one...

    I sure appreciate your help, I know what I want but I don't know how to do it. All I know about JS is how to tweak a little here and there. If you could put the 2 scripts together somehow that would...
  14. [B]Problems incrementing the numbers at the end of a web address.[/B]

    Here is what I am trying to do...
    I am trying to visit webpages at a website that have numbers at the end of their web address...
    example: http://www.xxxx.com/utilxxx.aspx?ID=1000

    What I need...
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    I will see if I can make this work, if not I will repost with another possible idea I have for this...
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    JS Refresh Problem...

    What I am trying to do is set up a frames page and have the bottom window keep refreshing to a different web page every 3 to 5 seconds.

    Here is an example of the starting address for the page I...
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    You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

    That a boy Dave you know it all. There is no fooling you. I sure appreciate your reply, funny thing is I already happen to know what the password for this script is because I created the script...
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    How Can I Crack This Script?

    When back figuring this script, what would the password be, I dont know how to decipher it


    var pass=new Array()
    var t3=""
    var lim=7
  19. Try This...

    Go to your form area and replace your line with this one, you already did it with the USA line so "you can do it"...

    <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=url VALUE="http://" SIZE=40>

    Now what charles was...
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    When you remove all that popup mess I might go back and give you an opinion about it... It's kind of rude to invite us to view a mess like that..

    Sorry, I callz em like I seez em
  21. Thanks for the reply Adam...

    If you look at the info a little closer you will see it is not a game I am trying to make it is more like a results calculator for a game...
    Can you give somekind of a short outline on how I might...
  22. Is this script too challenging for this forum???

    :confused: Does anybody in this forum know how to script this? If so please give me an idea how. If it is too hard for the people in this forum please let me know and I will try to find another...
  23. Can Somebody Please Tell Me How To Script This

    Can someone tell me how I might go about scripting this??

    I would like to make a js to do the following, however my scripting skills are not good enough yet to accomplish it. I would really...
  24. Is Anybody Up To The Challenge?

    I noticed people were looking at my thread-but I am getting no replys. Is this script even possible in JS?
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    Here Ya Go!

    What you need is a mailing list program, what it does is make a email/name list in text form in a page on your server..

    Check out the demo and stuff and you will see what I mean..

    Go Here:...
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