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    rotating images

    that may not be a bad option - I will take a look and see how it works. Would still like an option to have 4 rotating images with hyperlinks to the main product page for all the related items
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    multiple images rotating

    I have a site that we sell furniture and I would like to be able to rotate multiple pictures in the same cell - preferably adding a fade - something more "pretty" than a quick change. This will allow...
  3. rotating image

    So, I am a relative hacker so basically all need to do is insert the javascript into my code and change the src file names accordingly?
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    rotating images

    This owrks great - Ive been looking for the same thing - is it possible to add a fade element to the images as they are changing -
  5. rotating images

    Thak you - I like that however our site is hosted whee it ties into our POS system so its not very flexible. I cant load any additional tools on the server so everythng I do has to be coded on the...
  6. changing image rather than showing multiple

    I need to find a way to rotate about 4 images in the same space, timing at about 3 sec between, rather than have 4 images displayed at the same time. Takes up too much space on our homepage. I have...
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