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  1. What should I learn to manage a server for website purposes?

    I have to run and manage a server for at least one website. The website is complex and it serves thousands of users concurrently.
    OS of the server must be Linux and web server must be Apache and my...
  2. What should I learn to manage a website project from begin to end?

    I'm advanced in PHP programming , Yii framework, Wordpress, Joomla, Html , Css , ... and intermediate in UML2 and OOP.
    I began to create website since 2 years ago but my projects are very...
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    How create related links for each post?

    Youtube and so many websites recommend related post to the current post. For example, Youtube.com recommend movies which are related the current movie you're watching.
    How could I do it for my CMS ?...
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    My first website with Yii

    Hey buddies,
    I create a website for my father using Yii framework.
    I tried so many ways to add comment section for items but I couldn't.
    Anyway, Here is the website. How do you think about it?
  5. AJAX Multiple form submit and retrieve results separately

    There is a gallery website. I want users be able to submit comment for each item. Every six items load in one page and there is a form for each one. Form have to be sent to server-side and retrieve...
  6. How guest users register a requirement without being member?

    I don't want users become member to register an requirement for a particular item. How can I do it?
    Some of my issues :
    I don't want a user register more than one requirement for a specific item....
  7. YOU WON! :) I had changed encoding some of files...

    YOU WON! :)
    I had changed encoding some of files using Dreamweaver to utf-8. It had added some invisible characters to begin of files. It solved by using ob_start() in Yii config file.
    For more...
  8. I use Cpanel to upload web app and I'm sure files...

    I use Cpanel to upload web app and I'm sure files are the same and without any change. Even I changed my code with one of Yii's extensions to do this work but I got same error in line of setting...
  9. I use this function as a filter for all actions.

    I use this function as a filter for all actions.
  10. [RESOLVED] Cookie problem with Yii framework.

    I'm using Yii framework.
    I set a cookie as you can see blow , it was working in localhost but stop working after I uploaded my web app on online host. I'm getting this error:
    Cannot modify header...
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    Thank you NogDog and tejas. I'm working on your...

    Thank you NogDog and tejas. I'm working on your ideas.
    I convinced my customer to give me each artwork creation time. I sort them based off it, temporarily.
    His artwork are very diverse but his 20...
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    WHAT???!! php to asp.net converting?! It's definitely wrong. asp.net is like a trap.
  13. How use different layouts for each language in Yii ?

    I wanna use two languages in my website English and Farsi. For Farsi language I need a left-to-right layout . How can I use two different layouts for my website?
    I'm using Yii framework.
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    Best ideas to sorting

    I'm creating a personal Fine Art gallery. I wanna show art works at first page But I can't decide how sort them with conditions below:
    There is no name and creation date.
    I don't wanna sort theme...
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    It's very nice! I really enjoyed.

    It's very nice! I really enjoyed.
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    PhpDocumentor Installation Issue

    It's my first time I wanna use phpDoc.
    I followed its instructions to install it.
    I set pear data_dir to be under web root directory and so installed phpDoc and it finished successfully but there...
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    Thank you !! It was Great answer! You really...

    Thank you !!
    It was Great answer! You really helped me.
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    What does mean {$variable} in php?

    What does mean {$variable}?
    for example :
    $foo = {$var};
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    change this line $result = mysql_query($sql);...

    change this line
    $result = mysql_query($sql);
    $result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
    And write error that you'll get here so I can help more.
    However you didn't semicolon to your...
  20. Best ways to sell products in a small website?

    I wanna sell my father's fine arts. I created a website just to show his artworks , but I want to sell them now. We live in Iran and there is no credit card support here and no powerful shipping like...
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