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    Saving bgColor to a Cookie

    I'm working on my last JavaScript project for school and have encountered a few problems. My teacher seems to be MIA so any help would be greatly appreciated. The two issues that I'm having with this...
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    Bg color cookie problems...

    Ok, so I fixed the missing ID and seem to have a portion of my cookies working (in Explorer but not Mozilla?). How do I save the background color entered in the 3rd text field as a cookie as well?
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    Thanks for your help! I had it working but then after I added a few new elements the error message when an invalid color is entered stopped functioning. I've continue my code in a new thread if...
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    Saving user preferences in a cookie

    Hey all! I'm having a few problems with this script:

    - the third text input in the form is requesting for the user's favorite color. I need it to validate the data to either be a defined color or...
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    Like this?

    It seems to work? My next step is to use that value to change the background color...? I'll work at that part tomorrow as I'm getting cross-eyed. Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!

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    [RESOLVED] Validating hexadecimal color

    Hi all! I'm trying to validate this form but can't seem to figure out the code in order to validate the last field in my form which is asking the user to input a hexadecimal color. Getting it to...
  7. What about this?

    Thanks tpircsavaj! I actually played around with it today and came up with something else. Could someone please let me know if this makes sense? I think I'm on to something...

  8. I missed something

    Me again! Sorry to bother you... if you're sick of me no worries! I'll figure it out eventually. The exercise was rejected by my teacher and he's making me do it again. :(

    Here's what he said I'm...
  9. Thank you

    JMRKER: Thank you for taking the time to help me with this! I really appreciate it. JavaScript has been causing me many sleepless nights as of late and my teacher isn't much help.

    I just joined...
  10. My code

    Of course! Here's what I have so far... My problem is that the exercise asks for two functions where as I've only been able to figure out getting the correct result with one. I'm unsure how to add a...
  11. [RESOLVED] Writing to a table using prompt()

    Hey! I'm taking an introduction to JavaScript course and I'm struggling on an exercise. I was hoping someone could help me out! Or at least give me a couple of hints... Any help would be greatly...
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