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  1. Thanks for the input. The second code example, I...

    Thanks for the input. The second code example, I think, is what I need to work on and develop.

    Thanks again:)
  2. Linking a cookie (posted in a div) to a text box to search

    Hi all.

    How do I link a cookie, presented in a div, to a text box on the same page - so it can be searched?

    Now I have a search box that link to the Google Maps API. I also have the two most...
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    AJAX How to make a search case insensitive

    Hi all,

    I am working on a search function to call some data from an XML document. It works fine except for the fact that it's case sensitive.

    What method do I need to use from the String...
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    For Loop Help (moving an element)


    I am having trouble with an assignment. It is asking to move an element (I have a div box) diagonally across the screen.

    I am using a for loop and here is my code:

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