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    CSS Buttons, placement issue in Safari

    If some kind soul could look at http://reallysimplesites.co.uk/book/inside-kingdom in Safari and tell me how to put the two amazon buttons back underneath the photo of the book cover where they are...
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    How to find PHP/Drupal Help

    Hello all;
    I need the advice of the crowd here.
    Where and how can i find the following person, so far i tried Drupal.org, Drupal.org.uk, twitter, and ads on my own site...

    I need to find a PHP...
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    Thanks both of you!

    i am still a relatave noobie with writing myown css layouts, i'll work on this tosay!

    many thanks
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    un-relative-ise the text...


    what is it i cant remember that unsets the text from being relative?
    it is late here and the brain is already asleep... but all the text in the boxes is...
  5. Image resizing works in IE6 but not FF… why?

    view-field view-data-name img {
    width: 50px;
    height: 100%;

    in Drupal (before you say it I know about the number of style sheets!) - seen on IE6 this resizes the image just as I hoped it might...
  6. @ ogsolution

    Thanks mate!
    i was just too tired when i started to do this last night!
  7. CSS image alignment issue - Drupal based site

    It’s early in the AM here and brain has frozen.
    In CSS how do I make sure each image is the start of a new line? Sorry not explaining this too well.

    Please have a look at...
  8. Drupal!

    tis the joy of Drupal that it makes tag soup....

    thanks for the assist!
  9. CSS and IE... why is my photo over there?

    OK, so CSS is not my strong suit, though i am learning, slowly bur surley!

    Speaking of which my CSS debugging clearly sucks! Could some kind soul with Firebug have a look at the <a...
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    Thats the thing Olaf, they are not all my images....

    Thats the thing Olaf, they are not all my images. i have asked variouse members on Flickr to use their images and where they have kindly said yes it has been on the previso that i'd link back to the...
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    Random images with url and title fields

    Is there a way to make a random image script that would also allow me to display other related information such as the title and a link to the original photo on flickr?

    To date I have been using...
  12. PHP maths issue... cant see the issue must be going blind

    Need a little help with a maths issue

    It has been a while since I did any PHP and I seem to have lost the plot a little here…

  13. and were done!!! Many thanks!!!!

    and were done!!! Many thanks!!!!
  14. Znupi... sorry friend, don't get that...

    Znupi... sorry friend, don't get that...
  15. [RESOLVED] Saving an image made with GD Library.

    Hello all, well I have got just so far with a little project and I need some help please.


    $point = 18;
    $text = "User Name"; // to be users name here

    $size =...
  16. looking to add a tweak to a third party script.

    i recently found a great script that allows users on my site to upload and crop their member photo, i have modified the GREAT script which i found at...
  17. now getting... Parse error: syntax error,...

    now getting... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/nodstrum/public_html/mouse/xxxtag.php on line 51
  18. sorry should have said... error message says ...

    sorry should have said... error message says

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /home/nodstrum/public_html/mouse/xxxtag.php on line 51

    thats the one that starts...
  19. Dyslexic and having issues with Tut Script

    Ok so i have been playing with my site for a while and getting there very slowly... but heres the rub i am DYSLEXIC and am having issues following a tutorial and the code therein... the tutorial /...
  20. What i am aiming to go is build a list of the ten...

    What i am aiming to go is build a list of the ten newest people to sign up to the site then display their names alphabetically, but wight them for a tag cloud navigation by the newest member thru to...
  21. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO in...

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO in /home/....php on line 19 - " echo $row[0]; "
  22. My first SQL trial... but where am i going wrong?


    // connect to database
    $host = "localhost";
    $dbname = "###";
    $dbuser = "###";
    $dbpass = "###";

    $connection = mysql_connect($host, $dbuser, $dbpass) or die(mysql_error());
    $db =...
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    if data is in this table do this... (?)

    I have a problem, which I am sure is easy enough to work out but hey, if only my PHP skills were better!

    Problem. Have a look at my member profile page...
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    Aligning... MY BRAIN HURTS!

    echo "<p><img src='images/66.jpg' alt='Start of member profile'>This member has not added any notes.<img src='images/99.jpg' alt='End of member profile' align='left'></p>";

    Please, Please, Please,...
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    Access issues being addressed.

    Dear All,

    My code nerds and I are rebuilding my old flat (in every sense) site into a new dynamic site… and I as the Dyslexic team leader am aiming for a clean accessible site, lots of <alt> and...
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