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  1. What is the meaning of shrinkwrapped tables?!

    I'm reading a CSS book and it says that the table can be sized, stretched, fixed or shrinkwrapped. What is "shrinkwrapped" supposed to mean?! :eek:
  2. Thread: C# and XML

    by mesh2005

    Hi Zahra, Have you found anything yet about...

    Hi Zahra,

    Have you found anything yet about that?

  3. Hi, Sorry, I didn't add my code to the post....


    Sorry, I didn't add my code to the post. Here is a sample of the XML and the JS code:



  4. getElementsByTagName problem when the element is empty.

    Not sure why that happens but when I parse the XML I get as a response to the AJAX post, it sometimes displays an error (null object) if the element exists but empty :confused:

    The XML I get...
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    How can I create XML docs from an array?

    Is there anything like the PHP SimpleXMLElement in Javascript? I have an array of values and wanna build XML doc of it. The values may contain special characters like the "&". I hope someone can...
  6. Is there anyway to get the current co-ordinates of the page?

    I wanna scroll the page to a specific location at the bottom. I can get the position of the destination, but how can I know where I am on the page? I need to scroll the page from the current location...
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    xmlHttp.responseXML.documentElement is null

    I have a piece of javascript code that loads an XML, parses it and displays the result in a DIV element. This works perfectly in FF but in IE I'm getting the above error. The backend PHP has the...
  8. Sessions expire althought I set them to indefinite

    I checked the PHP configuration and I can see the session timeout is set to never expire, however; sometimes my application fails to read the Session variables. I keep a logged-in flag in the Session...
  9. Can I force all hyperlinks in a to open in a new window?

    Without using target=_blank, is this possible?
    Thank you
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    Thank you for your reply. It seems that the...

    Thank you for your reply. It seems that the problem happen when the filename contains characters of other encodings like (’), it is not the usual single quote. How can I make sure that the encoding...
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    PHP and Linux file names

    I have a PHP script that takes an input from the user and writes a file with the same name as the input
    for example, if the user enters: this is a test a file name is created with the name this is a...
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    How can I change the combobox border?

    I dragged a combbox component from ctrl+F7 to my stage. It has rounded border and I wanna change this to rectangle borders. Also, I wanna reduce the height of each item. Could you please help? I'm...
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    PDF to test or HTML

    Is it possible to convert a PDF file to HTML using PHP? or to TEXT? If so, how?
    Thank you
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    How can I detect click-fraud?

    I'm building an Ad system and I would like to ask how can I detect click-fraud? After the search result is displayed, each click on an ad reduces the user's balance and click-fraud is a real problem...
  15. How can I make links like www.domain.com/cat1?

    I'm building a website, currently I have a web page www.domain.com/view.php?id=id, I'm asked to replace this with a page on the form www.domain.com/name , is this something I can do with PHP? or does...
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    HTTPS back to HTTP using PHP

    I've a login form that posts the username & password to a secure link https://mydomain/login_work.php, I wanna redirect back to non-secure version if the login is successful, i.e. redirect to...
  17. Newline are skipped when sending text from Flash to PHP

    I have a Flash web form that has a text field on it (multiple lines). I tried to enter some lines of text but unfortunately the text did not include any newline when it was sent to my PHP script. I...
  18. How can I upload two files and send some variables to the same script ?

    I'm building a web form using Flash that should have two FileReference objects. The form has five text fields, is there anyway to upload two files and send the text fields to a PHP script? I've done...
  19. How can I validate a field on a Flash web form?

    I'm trying to create a Flash web form. I have many fields like Email, username and so on. I would like to add a code to validate the email, How can I program the Flash to report an error if the Email...
  20. Web browsers don't display the save password box when using AJAX

    I built a login form that posts data back to the server using AJAX. The form has a button not a submit button. Browsers don't display the save password dialog box when I click the login button. Is...
  21. How can I change the filter of Form file element?

    Currently it defaults to jpg and HTML, I wanna change it to PDF. Is that possible?
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    PHP returns invalid XML because of '&'

    I'm writing a PHP script to query a database table and return the result as XML. If the result contain the letter '&', the XML is corrupted. How can I fix this problem?
    <record id='2'...
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    That didn't work too :( Please have a look at my...

    That didn't work too :( Please have a look at my code:

    loader.loadClip(_global.image_url+this["image1"], image1);
    image1.setRegistration( 20, 20);
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    Can I center it using Actionscript?

    Can I center it using Actionscript?
  25. Can I change the registration point of a movie clip?

    I'm loading a movie clip dynamically and its registration point defaults to top-left corner. I need to change it to the center, is this possible? if so, how?
    Thank you
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