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  1. jQuery IE8: Error using jQuery Sparklines + Prototype

    Hello. I need some help with an error that I got in IE8.

    I'm working in a web app which uses jQuery (1.4.2) and Prototype ( I included the jQuery Sparklines plugin...
  2. Yes, I found that the link provided by Ribeyed...

    Yes, I found that the link provided by Ribeyed did not work, but I also found this thread that helped me:

    Table in div does not get scrollbars in IE7

    This is something very similar to the first...
  3. [RESOLVED] Div overflow: problem with scrollbars in IE7


    I got stuck trying to solve a problem with div overflow in IE7.

    I have a div whose content is loaded through an Ajax request.
    The HTML I get through Ajax looks like this:

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