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  1. Photoshop Javascript - get word from external file

    The script below is recorded with Photoshop's script listner. It searches the document for the word "Sun" and replaces it with the word "Moon".

    My question: how to get the replacement word,...
  2. JMRKER, thanks for the answer. It is not for my...

    JMRKER, thanks for the answer. It is not for my homework, believe it or not for 7 years now I make a living from web publishing. Until now, I just focused on writing content; these are my first steps...
  3. Please help with basic javascript question...

    Hi all,

    After much search finally found this on a forum:


    "I have 4 checkboxes (named box1, box2 , box3 and box4) and I need to send
    the user to one page if only boxes 1 and 2 are...
  4. First validate form and only after that load thank you page


    I have a form and depending on what checkboxes are selected in the form, it loads a custom thank you page when the form is submited. No problem with this. The problem is that the form loads...
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    Xelawho.... Works, just what I wanted! Many...

    Xelawho.... Works, just what I wanted! Many thanks!!
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    Tricky Javascript checkbox redirect

    Hi all,

    The following script loads the 1-3.htm page if one, two or three checkboxes have been checked, the 4-6.htm page if four, five or six, and the 7-9.htm page if seven, eight or nine...
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    Thank you Kor, but this is way above my...

    Thank you Kor, but this is way above my understanding. I am a total Javascript noob, a copy/paste monkey :)

    I just need to know where exactly in my script I should put the alert message syntax.
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    Simple Javascript alert message

    Hello all,

    I need some help... I have this simple script that only allows numbers and a backspace to be inserted in a textbox:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function keypress(e)
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