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    Clicking on image to hide show divs

    I have 7 images (categories) each of which represent a div. all these divs are located at the same location on a web page. what I want to happen is when one of the images is clicked, the div for that...
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    That is perfect! Thank you so much!

    That is perfect! Thank you so much!
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    hide div when radio button changes

    I am trying to hide some content when a radio button is changed. I have been searching the internet for this, but the only thing I found that is close to what I wanted was done in .asp. I tried to...
  4. Sorry, I hadn't read your first post before I...

    Sorry, I hadn't read your first post before I posted my second. You gave some good advice. Thanks.
  5. I just tried something different with the...

    I just tried something different with the ChangeControl function. I wanted to see if I could get some sort of echo displayed on the page. I'm getting a response, but not what I expected. it appears...
  6. How to get onchange event to change check boxes according to item selected in listbox

    I have a form that has check boxes and a list box. When an item is selected in the listbox, I want to look up the database associated with that item and change the check boxes to checked or unchecked...
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    Captcha Reset not working

    I have some captcha on my contact page and everything is working fine except the reset button for when someone wants a new captcha image to show up in the image box. I designed the html page myself,...
  8. Flash object icon shows before slideshow starts

    Someone helped me with this once before, but I can't remember the solution. I have a flash objects (.swf files) in my html website, most of which are small slide shows. For a second or so before the...
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