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  1. How to modify the xml structure internally to work the program?

    Dear Friends,

    I have an application in Python which take input as an XML document. The XML document is supplied externally and cannot change it structure . But there is problem in alignment of...
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    problem of python whitespace XML dom

    Dear Friends,
    I am using the minidom for my python application. But the problem is that the whitespace in XML document .

    My code calling the function is

    def mostrar_libro(self, lista): #...
  3. js-min not work

    Dear Dan,
    As suggest in tutorial , I download the code from github and try it in my local wamp installation . The target file
    is created but it's blank (0 KB) content .

    pls check the attachment...
  4. Dear kromol, We are using Windows pc , please...

    Dear kromol,
    We are using Windows pc , please suggest a solution for Windows too.

  5. How to compress multiple js files including jquery to one

    Dear pals,
    I have an online app site which need 11 JS files including jQuery & D3.js files. I need to compress it into a single file
    and it's easy to use . I check some but need node.js and complex...
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    convert video to flv using ffmpeg

    Hi friends,
    I use WAMP in my local pc, and use a code below:

    exec("ffmpeg -i omar.avi -ar 22050 -ab 32 -f flv -s 320x240 omar.flv");

    It's work fine , but in server the methods...
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    Hi som, Thanks for your reply, but dear i am not...

    Hi som,
    Thanks for your reply, but dear i am not mean to edit HTML file any way...
    I got this value from Database table , So that data is a dummy one .... I need
    a solution if any dynamic data...
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    Cannot make the Rowspan proper using jQuery

    Hi Friends,
    I have a doubt regarding How to do a thing ..... I need to make a admin display page

    Color Item
    Blue Car
    Blue Pen...
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    javascript Copy to clip board from text area

    Hi Friends,
    I need a copy to clipboard functionality from a text area using javascript. I use Zclip for the purpose,
    but it will not work as needed . I attach my working code along with this .....
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    spun text Generator Style fix

    Hi Friends,
    I created a sample Spun Text Generator , but it's CSS is not charming . Do any one can style it , because
    I am a programmer with less CSS knowledge. So any one can help me to give a...
  11. Hi JMRKER, Your solution Help me to find a...

    Hi JMRKER,

    Your solution Help me to find a solution to my Problem , Thnks Friend.

    Anes P.A
  12. Need a good Color Box implementation for User Contact form

    Hi pals,
    I am a newbie in implementation of Colorbox. I like
    to show my User Contact form in a POPUP with Colorbox. Do any one know
    a good standalone code to work in my local pc first and then I...
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