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  1. jQuery Increase wrapper height relevant to a slide toggle showing

    I have a series of text areas stacked. Each one has a slide toggle applied. I would like to be able to adjust the height of the wrapper relative to their showing or hiding. For instance if one shows...
  2. Thanks!

  3. Thanks coding123. That's what I needed.

    Thanks coding123. That's what I needed.
  4. Determine if a slidetoggle is hiding or showing

    I have a slide toggle on paragraphs within unique divs. These divs are wrapped in a "main" div. Is it possible to determine if the paragraph's are hidden or visible so that I can adjust the "main"...
  5. Novice Question: Return an attribute that is a number

    I've been trying to make the button respond with the height of the div (500). Can anyone help.

    #stuff {
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