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  1. Radio button plus other field form validation

    Hi, I'm struggling with some form validation, I have a very long and complicated form, the validation so far has been working fine.
    I've just added a new section with a few radio button sections as...
  2. Need help with showing/hiding div depending on checkbox but not using onclick

    Hi guys, I have a php form (with javascript), at the moment I have hidden divs that appear when an earlier checkbox is ticked (checked). However, I'm now wanting to add some code earlier that will...
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    ??? yes, I mean javascript, within a php page ...

    yes, I mean javascript, within a php page

    sorted now anyway

    replaced "str" with "value" and "and" with "&&"
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    Need help with validation - noob!

    Hi guys, I'm new to PHP and I'm trying to sort out a site at work.
    We have a form that users fill in, I'm wanting it to bring up a message if the following criteria are met
    "temp1" on the form has...
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