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    Sorry for the duplicate post as a newbee my first post here took longer to post than normal .

    All Im trying to understand in this post is what code is needed in the body section of about.html...
  2. Cant get variable to display in html (very easy I'm sure)

    Hello - My name is Max and i am new to Java Programming so thank you for helping me out.

    I have a file names maxcode.js which is a .txt file and contains the following 2 lines :

    var chameleon =...
  3. Max - Newbee - help display word in html - (probably super easy)


    My name is Max and I'm just learning Javascript and I'm stuck

    I have a .txt file called maxcode.js that reads as follows:

    var chameleon = "blue";
    Var Weight = 1;

    I have a file...
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