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  1. Webinar for Project managers and Delivery Heads

    As Project Managers and Delivery heads we face multiple challenges both technical and non technical. We are expected to manage risks and deliver success with limited resources and time. We have to go...
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    Special Offer for MSDN Subscribers

    Techcello : Special Offer for MSDN Subscribers

  3. Multiple Ways to Build a Multi-tenant SaaS Application

    Paper presented by Techcello @ CloudConnect 2012

    From using PaaS platforms such as Force.com to complete ground-up development, there are many ways to build or migrate to a multi-tenant SaaS...
  4. (End user Customizable) Business Rules and Workflows in Multi-tenant.NET applications

    Is it really possible to provide “End user customizable” business rules and workflows in a multi-tenant .NET application with a single code base?

    How can we do this without compromising on...
  5. Techcello Survey on SaaS, Cloud & Multi-tenancy

    We did a simple survey in 2011 titled “On the road to SaaS Where are You?. The results were shared free of cost with all the participants. Many of them benefited from knowing where they are viz-a-viz...
  6. Interesting article on Access Control in Multitenant-Applications

    Defining "Who sees what" and "who does what" are the two important aspects of access control in any software application.
    "Security" is a much larger subject, but this article focuses on just the...
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    Is HTML5 a game changer for Mobile Apps?

    Here is my quick perspective on how HTML5 may change things in the Mobility space, last few years have been all about native apps and of late we have been hearing a lot about Mobile Web apps built...
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