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  1. PHP/mySQL expert who loves the movie/TV biz

    If you are a senior PHP/mySQL programmer who is a fan of the movie and television industries with experience using Final Draft, or just an aspiring screenwriter yourself, I would love to talk with...
  2. Character encoding


    My gut feeling is that somehow it is all an encoding problem with conversion making the change that I don't want to my data. However, I don't really know enough about where that is...
  3. Blob data migration

    The killer is that myPHPAdmin does not allow binary inspection of BLOB fields, so the only way I can inspect the blob is to export it again using the sql exporter in myPHPAdmin. When I inspect the...
  4. Replies

    Exporting BLOB thumbnail image problem

    I am saving thumbnails in BLOBs in my mySQL database. In my Live site, the images display fine when I use a PHP source file attached to an HTML img tag to display them.

    The problem is that when I...
  5. Problem displaying Thumbnails from php file attached to html img tag

    I am using a php file to display JPG thumbnail images that I have saved in BLOB fields in a mySQL database table (using the phpthumb utility to convert them, FYI). The code itself is very...
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