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  1. Links work locally but not when uploaded to a hosting server

    I recently uploaded files to fatcow and they can be see here http://kovcreation.com/

    This is the html for the links.

    <Div id="nav">
    <li><a href='index.html'"><font...
  2. Out of the 7 forums I posted on this is the only...

    Out of the 7 forums I posted on this is the only one that got a hit :/
    lol anyways thank you so much for replying!

    The 'wrapper' div was what I was trying to accomplish in the original posted...
  3. Positioning images for a vertical navigation bar

    Hi all,

    Graphic designer here hell bent on learning web design with a question probably asinine for all those viewing but vexing to me for the last week.

    I have a site beautifully designed (can...
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