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  1. Here's the code I am going to work with...

    Here is the code. I apologize, the tool I am forced to use to make these forms throws in a lot of clunky code and I haven't cleaned it up yet:

    <!--Begin Question 6 -->
    <table class="space2"...
  2. This may work. Not exactly as I thought, but it...

    This may work. Not exactly as I thought, but it may do the job. If I make the input required, since the "Other" option has a null value it would fail upon submit...right?
  3. Need to make a textbox required if radio button is selected

    Hello all. New user (and new to javascript) looking for some guidance.

    I have a form with a radio button list that contains 4 selections (A,B,C and "Other"). The "Other" option has a textbox...
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