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    Thanks jtechno, the images are showing now, and...

    Thanks jtechno, the images are showing now, and the table is on the main page. Ill just save it for future reference.
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    Oh, thanks. where do I find the validate by file upload tab. is it in notepad++

    Thanks, where do I find that tab.
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    Thanks Jethco will,, try that. Tried to validate, but says type in Url. but website i

    Went to validatorw3, but says type in url. Problem is, my website is just practice, there is no website on the web. only in my notepad++
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    Thanks for that, Im learning the code at codeacadamy.com, but to put it in practice,

    Thanks, learning it at codeacadamy.com. but putting it into trial and practice, will have lots of problems. Hopefully will come right soon.
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    Images wont go in the td in the table.

    Hi, I put the following code, but the image wont display, and also the table wont display on the page, goes underneath it at the bottom even though IM using the z-index;

  6. thanks, will try that, Been trying all day,...

    thanks, will try that, Been trying all day, everything works, but the actual image wont display still.
    My code today- body:{background-image:url...
  7. Image leaves empty block when placed over large background image

    Hi, this is the code I put in, but image just wont display. only empty block. The bacground image displays, Im using a pattern background instead of a colour.

  8. Everything was fine, until I moved the image, then the tiny logo at the bottom went u

    Everything was fine, but then I moved the image down a bit as it was to close to the top.
    Only problem now is, the tiny logo at the bottom went to the top above the first image un derneath the...
  9. The SMUDGE TOOL works in GIMP, but the BLUR TOOL wont blur.

    Hi Im trying to blur the white into pink on a logo, but the blur tool does nothing, the smudge tool does, but I want to blur it into fading lighter.

    Also how do I draw a shape to fill with a...
  10. How do I make webpage Larger to fit more contents etc as very small.

    Hi, the first webpage is sort of complete, but the graphic image goes across the top, then paragraph underneath, then logo, then links in a row. But, the paragraph writing is very small.
    How do I...
  11. Thanks alot

    Hi, thanks alot. Will try that.
  12. Image goes ontop of text, instead of underneath text.

    Hi, I have the background image in.
    then P{ } style in.

    But want to add another image underneath the paragraph. The paragraph must go over the image.
    But now, the image goes ontop...
  13. thanks Major Payne. Will try that.

    thanks, will try that, Dont think Im cut out for the nitty gritty stuff, prefer graphics, but must finish my project.
  14. I put the following code in: img.x {z-index:0;...

    I put the following code in:
    img.x {z-index:0; left:280px; postion:absolute; top:400px; width:430px; height:500px; background-image:url ("../spencer/Pictures/girltemp1.png")}

    <img class="x";...
  15. Can I have more than one background image. Or is it just normal image for second one.

    I want to put a much smaller image in the center under the paragraph text now, must I make another section in css saying body{ } or do I just make it a normal image to put on page. But I want it...
  16. Thanks, li solved

    Thank auntnini and goodguy. li working, will try other another time.
  17. How do I put 5 links in one row, next to each other. as cant find anywhere on web for

    Hi, how do I put a few links next to each other in a row, like the example ontop on this site, where it says New posts Private Messages FaQ Calendor Community etc.

    I Found out how to put 1 link or...
  18. Thanks-solved, put width:850px in P{ }

    Hi, thanks, solved. PUt width in the paragraph.
  19. Text width Under Image solved. Put width:850px; in p{ } Thank you

    Text correct width Under Image solved. Put width:850px; in p{ } Thank you.
  20. How do I put text the same width as the image ontop. Image is 976x300px

    Hi, My laptop is 15 inches wide. The image is 976x300px. Its a graphics image I designed.
    The problem is, I cant get the text underneath exactly the same width. The text goes too much to the right....
  21. How to make Graphic Image as a Enter link to next page.

    Hi, I made a Graphics image, across the top of the page, it has ENTER written on it aswell, but how do I make it a link to the next page.

    I put in a.nav:link {MyTemplate.jpg}

    Then under </body>...
  22. Hi, Thanks, the logo works perfectly, but the big graphic wont budge.

    Hi thanks, Holli, Ill try the last message to wrap image around with parenthesis, cause what happened was, the colour went off and the colour wont come back with that code, and the image still stays...
  23. Hi, thanks holyhttp. Ill let you know if I get it...

    Hi, thanks holyhttp. Ill let you know if I get it right. thanks
  24. Images wont go to center of page. Are all images background images.

    I put following code in:
    body{background-color: #301c07
    background-image:url:('spencer/Pictures/MyTemplate.jpg';width="976"; height="300";)
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    Thanks-solved. put gif and jpg and worked

    Hi, thanks, looked on properties of the image and saw it had the gif. jpg and not just gif. I think it was jpg. but anyway, I put that part in the css and it worked, thanks, it took me 4 months, but...
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