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  1. jQuery thank, but I am looking for HOW to do this... So...

    thank, but I am looking for HOW to do this...
    So i also look for an Free Player
  2. jQuery how to display image on hover as Youtube Player?

    i'm looking for a Player like Youtube's and Xvideos's player, or more, which display image on hover on progress bar.

    How to do this? help me
  3. Replies

    how to decode video link?

    i want to decode video link from website phim3s.net
    so i know it's localted at Picasa Server,
    It using GK plugin and GK video Encoder for player.

    If you navigate that website in Chrome, and...
  4. how to open Chrome://cache by Link, or read into Json

    i need to Read some data stored in Chrome's cache. It can display when you navigate in Google Chrome: about:cache or chrome://cache

    So i'm trying to get Content in Chrome cache and display it on...
  5. best way yo Store And Display CODE BLOCK?

    i am developing a Search Engine by PHP, which search any Code Block i have posts and store, like MSDN
    and My website will store ALL type PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES ( PHP, c#, JS...) ( Estimates about...
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