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  1. jQuery ajax filled shadow box with ajax controlled prev/next and bookmark able

    Let me start by explain what I want to accomplish.

    I want to create a page that shows all the work I have done, each represented by one image. The page has infinite scroll, so if a visitor reaches...
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    JS scrip not crossbrowser friendly

    About my JS skills, I am learning, but there is still a lot, a very lot to learn for me. So please bear me if I write silly JS things.

    The problem is a JS part of a big -sort of CMS - that is...
  3. Where did I see this slidercode before?

    Hi there,

    Javascript is great, but improving my skills takes a lot of time. I am looking for a slider like this one. A lot of sliders can be found with arrow and pictures, but what I really like,...
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