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  1. jQuery Alter code using jquery date picker to use "output" to update mysql

    I would like to alter the code below, to make the "output" into mysql date format and then send to database with a form submit button, using a php file.

    $.fn.nmcDateRanger =...
  2. Replies

    Advice needed please.

    Hello everyone. I have been told that PHP, javascript and html would be needed for this. So I am here to explain and ask your advice.

    Since being severely disabled in a car accident, I am trying...
  3. Part way there. I have added the following to...

    Part way there.

    I have added the following to main_index.php


    And this to advert_details.php

  4. Force lightbox to open in parent page php JavaScript

    Yet another newbie asking for help.

    I have a Main_index.php page. Multiple divs are loaded into this page and each div has a "More" information button. Each div is a template style and is...
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