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  1. Form Validation Form Help! ! ! My code is not working! ! ! !

    Here is my code, however it is not working. May someone please help me to show me what I am doing wrong?

    function emailForm()
    var x=document.forms["contact"]["email"].value;

  2. I need help with age validation for javascript

    How am I able to validate that a person is between the age of 18-65 and pop up an alert on submit?
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    Javascript Times Table HELP! ! ! !

    I need to create a times table using javascript. The user needs to input a number in a text field and when the button his hit it generates a times table into an HTML table. In column 1 it should...
  4. jQuery How to make a virtual keyboard using jquery

    Hello. I am so stuck on making a virtual keyboard using jquery. I found a great tutorial on nettuts however it requires you to click the letters on the virtual keyboard instead of using your actual...
  5. Ok. Thank you sooooo much.

    Ok. Thank you sooooo much.
  6. How do I have it labeled as: Name: Number:...

    How do I have it labeled as:


    Where in the javascript do I write that at?
  7. How to insert a line break in my javascript

    Hello. I am new to javascript and I am stuck. Basically, what I have to do is create a form and when the user hits the submit button everything the user typed in the form will be displayed in another...
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