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  1. Thanks haulin! Adding ...

    Thanks haulin!

    to my onclick function did the trick.


    <script type="text/javascript">
  2. How to? Dynamic Div Scrollbar after DIV display property changed (block vs hidden)


    dynamic hidden content (using function below==> dynamic displayed content
    dynamic hidden content ...
    dynamic hidden content ...

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    clearInterval not erasing active setInterval

    I have a option/select dropdown menu with an onchange to run the code below to loop through an display an array of images .75" apart :

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function loadImage(){
  4. Problem solved: use HOUR not HOURS in DATE_ADD. ...

    Problem solved: use HOUR not HOURS in DATE_ADD.

    SELECT (@dd:=CONCAT(zdate," ",zhr,":00:00")) AS date, (SELECT distinct ospd from mavsmf where CONCAT(zdate," ",zhr,":00:00") LIKE (DATE_ADD(@dd,...
  5. [RESOLVED] help... SQL variables, time, self-join

    Hi. I'm having trouble constructing a mySQL query that will look at the current row, grab the date, then add three hours to that time and look at the value of the row at that different time. I am...
  6. I found the answer here......

    I found the answer here... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3243236/how-to-keep-background-image-on-bottom-left-even-scrolling


    #bg {...
  7. Site in question: www.artfuladvection.com . ...

    Site in question: www.artfuladvection.com . Currently, the window needs to be sized so that the horizontal/vertical are roughly the same size in order to see the bottom of the image. I'd really...
  8. Fullscreen Background Image: Scroll/Hide behavior: top instead of bottom

    I'm looking for some insight on the possibility of hiding a fullscreen background image (which automatically resizes) from top to bottom rather than the usual bottom to top.

    For example, you have...
  9. imagecreatefromstring(file_get_contents($url)) failing... help!

    I'm having problems with accessing the PNG from this url:

    for use with ...
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    Well, I didn't ever find out what was causing the...

    Well, I didn't ever find out what was causing the encoding, but I found a way to work around it. For some reason, the previous coder decided to place a variable array inside another variable array...
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    I've solved this myself. Thanks for the support...

    I've solved this myself. Thanks for the support along the way!
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    The link is coming from a "submit" button inside...

    The link is coming from a "submit" button inside of a form.

    Here is the form code segment...

    <form method=get action="moveautoreport.php">
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    The function urlencode is not being used... Is...

    The function urlencode is not being used...

    Is there another way this could happen?
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    $_GET issues with urlencoding of & and =

    This question may be more aimed towards settings in the apache httpd.conf, but I will go ahead and ask here as it is somewhat a php issue.

    I just started working in a new development environment,...
  15. Best way to grab one line of html from remote page?

    I'm trying to find the best approach to grabbing a single line of postprocessed code (the output from a script) from a remote location. I only want one or two lines out of the hundreds in the output....
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    SQL MONTH() does not exist? uhm?

    I am trying to use this query...

    $query = "SELECT val FROM obs WHERE id='".$_GET['id']."' AND obsdate >= '".$hisdate."' AND obsdate <= '".$curdate."' AND MONTH(obsdate) = '".$mosel."' ";
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    Nevermind. There was a line of code breaking...

    Nevermind. There was a line of code breaking everything. Fixed it and all is good. Gotta love inheriting broken code :p
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    $_GET, Tiered html forms. Js necessary?

    I have a page with two sets of forms that control a google map interface. The first is a set of radio buttons, and the second is a select list that only shows up if the fourth radio button is...
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    TCL .cgi and .php together... ?

    Is there anyway to use a tcl .cgi file to source/call a .php file and parse it? I know you can do it with regular .html text files like so:

    package require cgi
  20. Populating a new table from query results... why doesnt this work?

    I have these tables:

    | Tables_in_hits |
    | hits |
    | robots |
    | wwwhits2 |
  21. White page dilemma -- from working sources... ??!

    I have a serious problem with one of my php files: in a browser the source is blank and the page is white.

    From experience I know this means there is a misplaced ) somewhere. However, the odd...
  22. Nevermind. I found the problem.

    Nevermind. I found the problem.
  23. [RESOLVED] HTML/PHP Form options brought in from Ajax?

    Say you have a series of options in a drop down menu. For each option, you have set up an ajax page to bring in the rest of the form options for the particular dropdown option chosen.

    Now say...
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    Dynamic select/option menus + javascript

    I am currently trying to use javascript to dynamically alter a second select/option menu from a first select/option menu.

    The menus are both a series of years. The first series represents a range...
  25. As usual, thanks for the help! It turned out...

    As usual, thanks for the help!

    It turned out my problems were:
    a) setting a variable within php in the js doesnt seem to work (as you pointed out)
    b) i was messing up the concat of strings in js...
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