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    Simplified with more comments.

    Simplified with more comments.

    //initialize variables that should be overwritten with user input
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    Interesting ajax/php uploader

    I created an ajax/php uploader that I wanted to share as it may be usefull for others. It is a bit slow just using hex but it picks up on where it leaves off. It show progress and multiple files.

  3. Thank you rtrethewey you where very helpful. ...

    Thank you rtrethewey you where very helpful.

    No way. The code above was just a small snippet to demonstrate the problem. however the write_page function could easily be adapted to write to a div...
  4. IE crashes when calling parent function

    Is it possible to move this to the javascript section of the website I don't want to cross post since it is usually frowned up on?

    So I had been doing some investigating and came up with a simple...
  5. Works fine as a normal table. If I copy the...

    Works fine as a normal table.
    If I copy the output to a webpage and view it it works fine.
    If I display that working page in an iframe it works fine.
    So this is an iframe issue in ie9 specific to...
  6. [RESOLVED] proper tables in ie9 with doctype set

    I have a page creating code for an iframe via javascript.
    I was using tables to line up my questions and answers and two buttons in an inner table. When I try and add doctype it screws up in ie9.
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    Fun with PHP

    Last night I decided to see if I could automate the majority of the work for creating web pages like creating the head remembering to close the head then start the body ... Remmebering back to my C++...
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    I redid it once more and it seems to be happy...

    I redid it once more and it seems to be happy I'll have to try and change an image and see if it grabs the new image. Current version is bellow.

    <!doctype html>
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    Slideshow with large slides

    I have been trying to develop a slideshow with large slides. I'd like it to work in all later browsers work with both jpgs and swfs. be able to update the slides as they get changed. I had the idea...
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