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  1. JMRKER- Sorry about that, kinda hard to...


    Sorry about that, kinda hard to explain. Here is an example... um, my JSP displays, let's say, a list of questions (A,B,C). With each question, the question can have multiple answers...
  2. Creating Javascript Sortable List within a List question

    Hey everyone,

    I am currently working within the Java framework using JSPs (and developing on NetBeans). I am currently trying to develop a Javascript solution where I have two lists:

  3. Creating Two Business Objects... Do these have all of the methods/functions needed?

    Hey everyone... I'm creating some business objects for a class I'm taking to freshen up on my skills, and I have had to make a few business objects. I'm pretty sure on the others (the other ones are...
  4. passing a select name into a function and setting focus to it, not sure how to do

    i have two selects on a page with multiple rows:

    <dropdownA1 onchange()> dropdownB1
    <dropdownA2 onchange()> dropdownB2
    <dropdownA3 onchange()> dropdownB3
    <dropdownA4 onchange()> dropdownB4...
  5. (edit)i have multiplie rows on that page... for...

    (edit)i have multiplie rows on that page... for example:

    id=alpha1 dropdownA dropdownB
    id=alpha2 dropdownA dropdownB
    id=alpha3 dropdownA dropdownB
    id=alpha4 dropdownA dropdownB
  6. why do you say use the onChange() instead of...

    why do you say use the onChange() instead of onBlur() in forms?

    i actually got it to work using an example of some code someone on here gave me (and using the onBlur method):

  7. using onBlur to go from dropdownA to dropdownB

    hey everyone... i have a quick question:

    i have two dropdown boxes:
    dropdownA with values C,D,E,F
    dropdownB with values G,H,I,J

    if (variable == E)
  8. not sure where it belongs...

    i wasn't sure if i should put this in the SQL forum or the javascript forum since i am trying to write the code in PL/SQL but need javascript.

    please feel free to put it where you think it should...
  9. confused with onBlur; specifically using package twbkfrmt from banner

    i'm trying to write a line of code like this using the package:
    <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="hold_yn_tab" SIZE="2" MAXLENGTH="1" ID="hold_yn_tab1" onBlur=validateProf(hold_yn_tab1)>

    how do i write...
  10. james... what if i had repeating versions of...


    what if i had repeating versions of those two boxes? how would i handle that?

    <tr> Dropdown A Dropdown B</tr>
    <tr> Dropdown A Dropdown B</tr>
  11. james- thanks for the help. i will try and...


    thanks for the help. i will try and not look at it TOO much as i would like to figure it out, but your work most definitely helps....
  12. Two dropdown boxes, Dropdown B dependent on Dropdown A... need help

    hi everyone...

    new to the forum, and it seems to be a good read. i have been a java developer for 5 years now, but i am lacking in my javascript functionality (usually do serverside, client side...
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