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  1. Brilliant

    Well done, works :) thanks Fang.
  2. [RESOLVED] what can I do to avoid this image clash


    I want to have the blue tabs div or anything appear under the image. I thought block might do the trick ?
  3. Thread: text too wide

    by mojito

    Thanks in this particluar case I just got to a...

    Thanks in this particluar case I just got to a fix which was other images way down the page I hadnt even spotted ! but yes thanks for that is p better than br generally ?

    does a p wrap the text if...
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    I think you are showing that you have a too...

    I think you are showing that you have a too rudimentary understanding of webdesigning to achieve what you want in the short term.

    So my advice is not to answer your question which will just get...
  5. Thread: text too wide

    by mojito

    text too wide

    Within a table less environment is there a way i can solve the problem here of text getting hidden benearth the right hand column ?


    its not the images forcing it...
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    it seems there was some spam filtering going on...

    it seems there was some spam filtering going on with my host. Thanks this is something to check if you get here.
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    emails being sent to hotmail not right

    Hi Sorry for posting here but I see no other place and wanted to post to the wider community. This is about a sugarcrm system that sends out emails, in my case they dont come through right in gmail...
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    redirect with htaccess for a subdomain

    I am moving from godaddy to another host to improve the poor speed and reduce the amount of standard template support emails when I email for help and to get IMAP support.

    Anyway closer to the...
  9. Thanks

    Thanks for your reply, I might give it a try then, apparently they can be trusted by some end clients bigger than me.
  10. Adbeans propose insertion of ads but at what expense ?

    I was interested in getting some ads placed on my site as I had been approached by adbeans.com I was shocked to learn that that they require to submit the code in a php format or similar dangerous...
  11. i meant standard being name value pairs after the...

    i meant standard being name value pairs after the


    sef is like the url given above its using mod_rewrite but I want to know for my script purposes if I can assume it gets...
  12. Not sure if I should do this server side either ?

    I want to take the following url (for joomla )


    and get the "brazil" bit. This is to populate a flickr thumbnail gallery.
    I would like to do this in...
  13. php.ini just place in root of account ???

    Can I just create a php.ini file in my godady hosted linux account and change the max upload file value ?

    It sounds a bit easy to do that.:)

    im after increasing the 2mb limit on files being...
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    onchange in ie 7 make onClick but not as correct

    But I really want to not use onClick for my issue, maybe mouse up might be better as on click also happens when you click arrows etc.
    Is there another route for this issue ?
  15. recommendations on photo uploads script or applet..

    Im running a joomla install and would like some java applet to allow users to upload photos attached to thier memberships for identification. I like the facebook way.
    Does anyone know if this java...
  16. live link

    I have made it live now here, http://www.landed.at

    It has a new error now due to differences in the hosting pattern and database that I need to sort out.
  17. the html which isnt seen

    <form id="places" action="/landed.at/" method="post" name="form01"><select size="10" name="sel1" onchange="javascript:sendRequest(sel1.value)"><option value="1">Afghanistan</option><option...
  18. its just javascript error on html.

    I didn't think it helped, there is no live page its running localhost. But from the source which the php creates it should be possible to copy and paste the html and work from that ? ah! replace the...
  19. im not sure how it helps but...

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
  20. the source

    the getElementbyId is undefined for some reason, but its there ?

    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <script language="javascript">
    function createRequestObject() {
  21. drop down population with ajax firefox not working i.e.ok

    The following code has been simplified to highlight the problem assume that response contains a string and passes the first if statement

    if(response!="" || response != false) {
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    appache-not sure if its linux ?

    how do i know if I have gzip available. Im using appache, will it be in the phpinfo();

    I am settling on this link for now which is a dedicated object

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    a good zip library ?

    Would anyone want to put forth suggestions for achieving the following.

    I want to zip up a few files preserving the folder structure. I want to email these off.

    I would like to minimise fuss in...
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    do i need a database ?

    Hi this is a question about best practise I guess.

    I would like to know if I can take a form and provided it checks the data I would like to produce an XML file straight away. I want to skip the...
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    Thanks for the replies, I wasnt asking if you...

    Thanks for the replies, I wasnt asking if you think that ajax is worth using, I was asking if there is an environment which sppeds up my backend, admin pages etc, so for example instead of always...
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