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  1. Whoop!

    fan f*ckin tastic man thanks very much for your help you've been a great help
  2. here's the link to the photo's it's my...

    here's the link to the photo's it's my girlfriends dog lol thanks for your help again
  3. their on my pc atm - ill just put them on flickr...

    their on my pc atm - ill just put them on flickr or somethin now thanks for the quick reply be ten mins
  4. Nooo!

    ok tried using it....when you do it without images it works fine - bloody brilliant infact but once i had placed my images into the puzzle and hit the shuffle button it duplicates the blank.jpg image...
  5. Thanks!

    looks good man i'll try it now an let you know i get on thankyou so much!!!!!
  6. 4x4 puzzle adding shuffle images and reset images buttons

    I have been toying with the idea of building a 15 puzzle just for fun and have been looking at some source code from David Harrison but i wish to add a shuffle images and a reset button into the...
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    Hello - i know it's been a long time since any of you must have looked at this thread but i could do with a helping hand - i've been making a fifteen puzzle myself just for fun and i have been...
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