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  1. htaccess - 301 redirection and WP SEO URLs don't work

    I've already searched thoroughly for tutorials on how to configure .htaccess but I just can't get it work properly no matter what I try. Hopefully you will be able to help me out, let me explain the...
  2. Thanks, I've checked it out and it really looks...

    Thanks, I've checked it out and it really looks good. However I'm not sure if they are trustworthy with support, updates etc. Do you have any experience with such alternatives to themeforest?

  3. [Wordpress, Joomla] Theme with rich graphics (gym, fitness, sport)

    I've found out that most WordPress themes are very minimalistic in terms of graphics. They only contain basic elements + usually large animated slider (taking half of screen), which is not what I'm...
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