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  1. Thanks very much for this tenfold. I am...

    Thanks very much for this tenfold.

    I am getting an error, early in the coding: var trows = document.querySelectorAll('#mstrTable tr:not(.header)'),

    object doesn't support this property or...
  2. Using the Up & Down Arrow Keys to scroll through and higlight a specified row


    I require and am in need the help of an expert on my question below as it exceed and goes well beyond the level of knowledge that I have for programming in JavaScript.

    Given the existing...
  3. Beautiful piece of code Julien. Many thanks...

    Beautiful piece of code Julien.

    Many thanks and appreciation for this.

    This was exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

    Cheers and have an awesome day.

  4. Use Arrows keys to move to and highlight row


    I need your help,

    The code below is used to highlight the selected row (when clicked) from the grid table. However, i'd like to add functionality such that when the focus is on the table...
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