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  1. [RESOLVED] Need help getting page transition targeted on just one certain div

    Hello. I am working on a site and I found this tutorial for making pages "fade in and out". http://www.onextrapixel.com/2010/02/23/how-to-use-jquery-to-make-slick-page-transitions/

    I want the...
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    Ok thanks for the replies guys. Despite the...

    Ok thanks for the replies guys. Despite the benefits, it seems WordPress won't be something I will learn in the very near future then. I feel like standard pages are more easier to work with even...
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    When to use WordPress?


    I would like to know why someone would choose WordPress over standard HTML pages. It seems to be becoming a popular choice for designing websites. My main reason for asking this is because I...
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    FileZilla gets the job done pretty well.

    FileZilla gets the job done pretty well.
  5. [RESOLVED] Looking for a good step by step book on Flash CS3+

    Hello folks,

    I am running with Flash CS3 and would like to get a good book that has step by step instructions showing how to complete a task in Flash. My whole purpose is to learn Flash from the...
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    ISO book recommendation

    I'm interested in learning a bit about how FTP works and maybe actually more interested in finding out how to configure the c panel of my Host. (I host with HostGator btw) I am a web designer and I...
  7. Need help with Instant Messaging development

    Hello. I am currently working on developing a browser-based instant message service for the purpose of testing and having fun. First of all, I would like to do this with PHP. What I am asking for is...
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