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  2. Parsing Namespace Attributes from SOAPClient Response

    OK so I have SOAPClient making a call. If I use __getLastResponse() I get a line in my XML like this:

    <Discount xsi:type="ProgressivePromotion" from="2013-05-05T00:00:00"...
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    Help creating INNER JOIN statement

    I'm only revealing part of my script but you will notice a 2nd mysql call embeded in a while loop. The object is to pull data from the leads table and the notes associated with those leads. But I...
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    thanks for the way around it. But still....why...

    thanks for the way around it. But still....why does it do this on some computers and some not?
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    $_REQUEST, $_POST, $GET Problem

    Since some of my PHP scripts receive data from a form POST or from a direct link in the URL....I've been using $_REQUEST.

    However, my client says the scripts are not populating anything. Yet they...
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    File Permission Trouble

    Ok all my files and folders are set as owner of vsftpd:nogroup. FTP program can upload and create and do everything. But when I use the PHP command mkdir, I get a Permission Denied even though the...
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    File permission errors Apache2

    ok so this might be better in the PHP section because it has to do with my php scripts trying to write files to directories.

    My FTP account (and major user account) is piagency. All my files and...
  8. I was able to just dump the json array to all...

    I was able to just dump the json array to all fields doing this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function loadIntake(){
    var client = <?php echo $id ?>;

  9. Cycle Through form Inputs and match with Json array

    I run an ajax request and return a json array.
    There is more in the json array than there is fields on the page. I want to cycle through text fields and find their NAME and match that to the json...
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    Convert ajax response to json

    I am using ajax to process a url. The result echoed back is


    how can I convert that to json format so I can read that back in?

    I can't edit how the response comes to me.
  11. If one Div expands...expand all others with same class

    I have a table with divs in each one. I'm using jQuery's draggable and droppable. Well as you drag more and more items to these grey droppable divs, they will get taller. I want to make ALL the...
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    Example to Problem

    Goto http://www.penieldesign.org/clc

    Click on ABOUT once page loads.

    Last line should read:

    In the bodily resurrection; eternal life for the righteous, and eternal punishment for the wicked.
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    Scrolling inner Div problem

    OK so this is complex. I have a main div called (#box) and inside it there is a footer to be FIXED to bottom of screen. And a content div (#content).
    We dont want the whole page to scroll at all...
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    Select all past but only 1 future date

    I have a table of dates...I want to select all the past dates but only select the next future date.

    I have the following to select all the past dates...

    SELECT deliverydate, autoID FROM...
  15. Thread: PHP Array

    by swg1cor14

    PHP Array

    Ok so I have a database table with dates in them....there are 3 fields in the table that I want to pull dates from...I want to display 3 rows of 3 dates for a total of 9 dates. I want to sort them by...
  16. Overlaying Div is transparent in IE but not Firefox

    I have a div box that drops down on top of other content. But one client using IE8 says that the drop down box is transparent and he can't read the content. But when I try it at home, it works fine....
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    Without seeing your table structure and some...

    Without seeing your table structure and some sample data...its hard to know what you are trying to accomplish. But I think I get it.

    My suggestion is to use the command GROUP BY and group things...
  18. Update Multiple Records At Once - Same itemID but Different autoID

    OK this is tricky. I have a loadsheet that we input items in with. Each item can be part of different categories. I found the best way to handle the same item but with different categories was to...
  19. Stop All Instances of the FLV PlayBack Component AS3

    I have a menu that is in a seperate movie clip from where the FLV playback videos are DYNAMICALLY generated. So there is no set instance name. When a menu button is clicked, I want it to stop ANY...
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    Need Help With Dreaded Dates in MYSQL

    I have a table that has a field called procdate and it is of type DateTime.

    I want to check to see if JUST the DATE part of it matches the current day and pull the other fields of that row.
  21. Alert User 5 minutes remain and FORCE them to logout.

    I have a table of datetime fields. We already have a max 20 minute limit to be logged in before it kicks you out of the system. We use the following code for that:

    session_cache_expire( 20 );...
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    awesome...well doing it that way i dont have to...

    awesome...well doing it that way i dont have to change my php from what it was originally written. :)

    I added the following function to search by class name:

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    I couldnt get it to work. Code I have.... ...

    I couldnt get it to work.

    Code I have....

    var officersOK = false;
    for (var i = 0; i < document.forms['regapp'].officer.length; i++) {
    for (var j = 0; j >...
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    I'll try it out and let you know. You know any...

    I'll try it out and let you know.

    You know any PHP? Cause since I'm changing this...I might need to relook at my PHP script that processes that part of the form.
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    I know jQuery...its just the .validate() function...

    I know jQuery...its just the .validate() function I cant use.

    So here's my edited form:

    <tr class="marker">
    <td rowspan="2">2</td>
    <td>Name: <input type="text"...
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