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  1. How can I create a theme like Atlantic.net?

    I recently joined in a web design course. It's been two months already, but I think I haven't learnt many helpful things! It is a four months course. So, our faculty gave us a mid project and the...
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    Please review my finance blog

    Hello dear web developer members,
    I have created this site: www.dsebdblog.org, It's a finance blog. I would like to have your review about this site. Please share your reviews.

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    I am agreed with adumpaul opinion, You have such...

    I am agreed with adumpaul opinion, You have such a nice website. Nice layout, design and easy to navigate. I didn't find any canonical issues for your website. Congratulation. I am wondering, do you...
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    Can you please review atlantic.net?

    I am very interested to host my website on atlantic.net, One of my friends hosted his website there. He didn't face any issue with them and recommended me to host my website there. I know there are...
  5. Wow, that site is looking stunning. Nice and...

    Wow, that site is looking stunning. Nice and clear design, Seems members are pretty active. That website does not have any canonical issues. Great work. Nice website.
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