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  1. This also works (just tried it in MF 1.5): ...

    This also works (just tried it in MF 1.5):

    <a href="javascript:window.top.document.location=window.parent.frames['NAMEOFFRAME'].document.location">[X]</a>
  2. Got It!

    Alright, I figured it out. To close a frame and stay on the URL of the main frame, I had to get the proper value for the URL of the main frame as it changes. Once I found that out, I set the top...
  3. How to Close Frame in Frameset w/out Losing Page

    What can Diigolet do but Bing and Google Image search cannot do?

    Close their frame and remember the page you were on.

    I am making a music player for a client that will stay on the...
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