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  1. Actually I'm resolving lol! Decided to "look it...

    Actually I'm resolving lol! Decided to "look it all up in the manual" as they say :-)
  2. [RESOLVED] Need inline PHP help-should be simple

    I have a snippet coded inline on a page.

    <?php $a = $EM_Booking->get_price() * $EM_Event->get_bookings()->get_booked_spaces(); ?>

    How can I edit it such that:
    if ...
  3. How do I place a value in a field based on the entry of another field?

    Completely new to javascript and in a jam. I need to know how to do this if anyone is willing to assist :-)

    On my form:
    When duration is entered in text box B (days), add duration to textbox A...
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