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    Bloviating smug rock head

    Goes on and on about tangential insignificant stuff, keeps going when you say "wait wait", laughs at his own jokes too loud and too long, mocks people for doing little insignificant things that...
  2. Build master expected to clean up developer-copied code

    So we're in a unique situation using legacy code where we have to test certain changes on the live server, so that the build master copies over changes requested by developers. The problem is after...
  3. Junior developer won't read documentation, says doesn't need shared docs

    I noticed someone had snapped at this developer multiple times, saying "Read the documentation I sent you!", and I thought it was because that someone had just been irritable (which I'd noticed...
  4. Yes, he went against his own practices and...

    Yes, he went against his own practices and requirements, which he'd chewed us out over for not doing those things sometimes, and said he wanted all three of us to work on it, which wasn't stated in...
  5. I'm not able to do that.

    I'm not able to do that.
  6. New developer denies all wrongdoing, won't allow conversation to continue

    We have a web developer that is relatively new, several months there, and when we were sent an email with instructions and questions from the boss to hunt something down, he just went and did the...
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    database divergence

    Me and the other coder have been editing database changes on a staging version and a new developer made his own changes locally and just wrote .sql files that he expected us to run (without even...
  8. New developer trying to rewrite everything

    We hire this new guy, a senior-level guy (all we needed was a mid- to junior-level guy to do some work) and he's rewriting fundamental architecture in the code and database. The other developer...
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